SNAME: Design of Electric & Hybrid Propulsion Systems for Small Craft

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Monday, October 2 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Location: Room 105

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Title: SNAME: Design of Electric & Hybrid Propulsion Systems for Small Craft


Electric propulsion is taking over the transportation industry. The growth rate of electric car sales is expected to exceed 30% per year in 2022, and the trend is accelerating. Electric passenger aircraft are even being developed. The marine industry is rapidly benefiting from the new technologies, and the evolving customer preferences, that are driving the electric vehicle market. In certain applications there are significant advantages to adopting electric power for boats and ships. We are poised to see remarkable growth in the electrification of the boating industry over the next 10 years.

There are some real changes from past boat design practices that are required to take advantage of these new technologies, and exploring those differences is the goal of this seminar. This full-day event is intended primarily for boatbuilders and designers of vessels under 100 feet (30m). We will cover key design principles in enough detail for a designer or builder to:

  • Understand the tradeoffs between all-electric and hybrid-electric systems, and then select the right approach for each vessel type.
  • Evaluate the use of outboard vs. inboard electric propulsion, as with internal combustion power but with a different set of design choices.
  • Optimize the overall vessel form, layout, and machinery placement to take advantages of electric vs. traditional ICE based designs.
  • Design the electric propulsion system and its components to meet specific performance requirements.
  • Select the motors, gears, propellers, batteries, power electronics and control systems. There will be special emphasis on understanding how to specify and procure these components in this very rapidly changing marketplace.
  • Design the equipment installation to maximize the advantages of having an electrical propulsion system, including safety and regulatory requirements.

This seminar will include specific examples and design exercises. A set of design spreadsheets will be provided free of charge to all attendees (in Excel and open-source formats).

Cost:  $250 Member; $350 Member. 

Type: Pre-Conference

Cost: $250 Member / $350 Non-member


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